Improve your health on your terms

PAI, the scoring system from NTNU, rewards all types of physical activity. With reaching a score of 100 PAI and staying there over time, you lay the foundation for good health and physical shape.

PAI fits everyone. The Memento U-app is the only app that lets everyone track their PAI score.
As a Memento user, you can get access to our training video database called UTV. The training videos instruct different exercises that fit all levels.

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How it works


Download the Memento U app for Android or iPhone and create an account. Answer a few questions regarding your activity level. If you have an activity watch you can synchronize it to the app.
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Start moving! Find or create groups, meet new friends you can be active together with, and start chatting with your new workout buddies.

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The Memento U app keeps you updated on how your activity level develops and how it affects your health. It is motivating to see progress!

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Get in shape with PAI

You know that you are getting in better shape when your score is at least 100 PAI over time. And being in shape means that you are getting healthier.

Your PAI score is all you have to focus on. With the Memento U app, you get the tool that helps you get there.

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Be social

Being active is supposed to be fun, easy, social, and motivating. In the Memento U app you can create groups and invite your friend, family, colleagues, or neighbors. Motivate each other, share your PAI scores, and make agreements on what you want to do on your next activity together.

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Keep track of your progress

In the Memento U app, it is easy to keep track of your activity levels and if it has been enough to get in shape over time. You can see how your PAI score and fitness age are developing.

As long as you keep your activity level at 100 PAI or more, you know that you are doing enough for a longer and better life.