Personal Activity Intelligence

PAI is a scientifically substantiated measurement tool for health benefits for physical activity. Earn 100 PAI through exercise every week, and you will give yourself the best chances for having a healthy and long life.

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What is PAI TM

PAI is short for Personal Activity Intelligence. The PAI algorithm is based on your heart rate and gives you a number that tells you how active you need to be during a week to have a greater chance of living a longer and healthier life.

You earn PAI every time your heart rate increases. Research at NTNU shows that people who achieve 100 PAI over time live on average eight years longer.

Personal Profile

PAI can be measured with different fitness trackers to create your profile based on sex, age, resting heart rate, and maximum heart rate. You can also register activity manually in the Memento U app if you do not have a fitness tracker.

PAI score

The algorithm calculates a PAI score based on your personal profile and heart rate data from the previous 7 days.


Maintaining a weekly PAI score of 100 or more is proved through research that will reduce the risk of early death from cardiovascular diseases by 25%. Even those who achieve 50 PAI get considerable health benefits.

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Memento U & PAI

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How to earn PAI

It does not matter what kind of activity you choose to do. All that matters is that you achieve an increased heart rate. You can power walk, run, swim, ski, or do a home workout if you prefer that. You can earn 100 PAI in so many different ways. It is up to you to find your preferred way to do it. PAI fits everyone despite starting point and age.

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Do it wherever you want

With the Memento U app, you will not be limited to the gym. Work out at home, in the park, in your neighborhood with your friends, or while hiking in the mountains. Be active in your groups and be an initiative taker to get people started while you are having fun together.

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Progression and motivation

Keep track of your progression in the Memento U app. When you are physically active, your body will also get younger. You will see that through getting a lower fitness age in the app.

Get motivated by others in your groups and by your friends.

PAI in the media

Testimonial - GJENSIDIGE logo

"The analysis and direct feedback from users revealed that PAI was among the most popular aspects of the service: driving motivation for a more active life and improving customer engagement."

Testimonial - The Wall Street Journal logo

“PAI is the best example yet of how wearables can turn data about our bodies into tailored, actionable advice — and hopefully longer lives.”

The Wall Street Journal
Testimonial - Financial Times logo

“The beauty of the PAI measurement is that it is cumulative, incorporating the last few days' exercise, whether low or high intensity. As long as you remain above 100 PAI, you have achieved your health goal for the week.”

Financial Times
Testimonial - Harvard Health Publishing logo

"The idea is to get an average of 100 points over an entire week, which you could earn through short stints of intense exercise, longer bouts of more moderate activity, or a combination of the two. Think of PAI as an index of how hard and how often you challenge your heart."

Harvard Health Publishing