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How do I register a user in the app?

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To register a user, open the Memento U app and click on the Register here link at the bottom of the Sign-in screen.

1. Select User, approve the privacy statement + terms of use, and fill in the account information. Then enter your email and password and click Continue.

2. Select country, city, zip code, and address. After registration, you will receive an email to verify that the email address is correct.

What do I need to measure PAI?

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You will need an activity tracker with an associated app to measure PAI in the Memento U app. That is so your heart rate data can be measured and shared between the applications.
Currently, the supported activity trackers are Polar, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Garmin. We are continuously working on adding other suppliers.

If you do not have an activity tracker or heart rate monitor, you can also log your activity manually and get an estimated PAI score.

Contact us if you need help to get started with PAI in the Memento U app.

How can I use PAI as a tool in exercise follow-up?

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PAI provides a firm basis for assessing whether you are active enough, and the target number makes it easy to communicate about what is sufficient to achieve health benefits from the activities you perform. The goal is to stay above 100, and the PAI score is calculated on a rolling weekly basis so the last seven days is always what counts.

PAI makes it easier to tailor training plans based on individual preferences. As long as you get your heart rate up and achieve the sufficient activity dose, it does not matter what you do. It's comes down to finding activities you like to do.

Why am I not able to connect my activity tracker?

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To connect your activity tracker, you need to have a Garmin watch, Polar watch, Fitbit, or Apple Watch.

When connecting your activity tracker, you need to register your login credentials in the associated app (Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, or Polar Flow). Then you have to accept that the app will be sharing heart rate data with the Memento U app.

Check if your activity tracker is connected by tapping the icon with 3 lines next to where it says Current PAI score on the home screen. Choose Manage devices from the menu. Next to the different devices, you will see if the device is connected or not.

If you still are not able to set up your device, please contact us.

Why am I not getting PAI as expected?

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If you think your PAI score doesn’t match your activity level, consider these points:

1. Do you have a heart rate monitor that measures heart rate continuously? Not all watches / activity trackers share continuous heart rate measurements. From Apple Watch and Polar, only registered activities (starting a workout on the watch) count when PAI is calculated. So, remember to start a workout on your watch when you exercise.

2. Check if your watch has measured heart rate correctly in the associated watch app. Remember that your PAI score increases most when you have a high heart rate for longer durations. If the watch has not registered this, it will not be reflected in your PAI score either.

3. Check that your personal information is correct, by clicking on the 3 small dots next to 'Fitness age' on the home screen and then selecting 'PAI profile'.

4. If you are over 100 PAI, you have been sufficiently active to be well protected against the development of various lifestyle diseases. There are additional gains to be made, but it takes more to achieve them. Therefore, one PAI is not the same when you go from 9-10 PAI, for example, as when you go from 100-101 PAI. At a low score it is considerably easier. The biggest health benefit from physical activity comes when you go from being inactive to a little active, and this is reflected in the PAI calculation.

5. Be aware that you can only achieve a maximum of 75 PAI in one day. Additional activity does not provide further health benefits, similar to how there is no need to take more than the recommended dose of a medicine.

Why is my PAI score not updated?

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For the PAI score to be updated, you must first synchronize your watch with the associated app. For example, Garmin watches must be synchronized with the Garmin Connect app, Polar watches with the Polar Flow app, etc. After the synchronization is complete, you can enter the Memento U app and click on the icon that looks like a circle with small arrows on it. Then your PAI score should update automatically. 

If it still is not, you can try closing/exit the app and reopening it. If the Memento U app is open in the 'background', it will try to retrieve PAI scores every 30 minutes. If it closes and reopens, it should automatically retrieve the most recent synchronization. You can also try to click wherever in the PAI section that will lead you to your PAI history. 


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