A motivating and cost effective concept!

Memento is a health measure with greater effect for a lower cost than similar solutions. Memento makes physical activity easy and likable for all your employees while giving you the opportunity to follow up on those activities.

How? Based on world-leading research from NTNU we have created a company portal where you can measure the health effects that comes from physical activity such as sick leave and profitability.

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How it works


Create a company account in the Memento company portal. Use an email address that is not already registered in the Memento U-app. 
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Activate your license agreement and start inviting your colleagues to the portal. 

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Get statistics directly in the Memento company portal. See how the score improves as your colleagues are getting healthier.

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PAI – good health on your own terms

With PAI, your employees get an engaging and customized score system that rewards all forms of physical activity and gives a scientifically prooved better quality of life and overall health. PAI is developed by price-winning health researchers at NTNU.

Memento is the only solution that lets all your employees measure PAI-score and tracks the development over time. In the Memento company portal, you get an overview of the activity level in a group and the expected health effect.

By making it possible to do physical activity on your own terms, Memento and PAI makes it easy to help all employees achieve better health.

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Inactivity and company health

In Norway, 70% of all employees in a regular company will be inactive. A low physical activity level can lead to:

  • High sick leave and high turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Poor work environment and level of well-being

Memento has the tools that can lead to improved activity levels in your organization. Active employees have better physical and mental health. The result is increased performance, less sick leave, and increased profit for your business. 


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With Memento company portal you get:

  • A business tool that is engaging, social, and measurable for all your employees.
  • A rich database with training videos that describes different exercises you can do on your own, no matter what shape you are in and experience.
  • Control over your company's activity level.
  • An overview of your employees' physical shape.
  • A tool to measure the effect on the health measures you have started in your company.
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