We make physical activity easy

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Make your company healthier!

Give your colleagues more joy at work and better health! With Memento you can create a social and motivating environment for physical activity for all your employees. You can measure the actual results in the Memento company portal

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Get started with physical activity and workouts!

Memento gives everyone an easy and motivating way to achieve good health through physical activity. Stay above a 100 PAI in the Memento U app and you will know that you are physically active enough based on your starting point. What you do to reach 100 points is totally up to you.

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What is PAI TM

PAI measures if you are physically active enough so that you will get a healthy and long life. The concept is easy: Keep your PAI score at 100 points or more. In that way, you will reduce your risk for lifestyle diseases and early death.

PAI is based on extensive research from NTNU and is recommended by leading exercise researchers and cardiologists worldwide. PAI is suitable for anyone. Both those that never have worked out before and for the ones that already are physically active regularly.

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We want to change the world through activity

Inactivity is one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime. Inactivity leads to worse physical and mental health on an individual level. A variety of lifestyle diseases are a direct consequence of lack of physical activity. For companies and society in general, physical inactivity costs several million dollars every year.

We spread knowledge and inspiration for an active lifestyle! "


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